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"If japanese xvideos they would have captured one of us, they would have xvideos anal tore through our minds until they discovered the location of the complex and then it would have been the end for everyone." I said a little to fast. "Doc has all the equipment now to work on our future." He said quietly. It made me smile. It wasn't for nothing. "How is the human doing?" I asked. "He didn't make it. From what Doc says, he was probably dead before we got there. The Thorens did their xvideos 2 work well." He told me. The water had started to cool as we stood there and my skin had begun to wrinkle. "We'd better get out of here before we shrivel up to nothing." I videos x said turning enough to plant a light kiss on Bransen's lips. After rinsing off, we dried and picked out our clothes for the day. I wanted badly to go back under the covers and hide in the dark for at least one more day. "So how many days was it?" I asked breaking the silence. "Huh?" Bransen paused looking at me preparing to lace up his pants. "How many days was I out this time. You said the Neek had recovered two days before me, how long was I out total?" I repeated. "Ohh... you were out for five days. You didn't become solid again until the second day. Once that happened Doc said that you were out of danger and we just had to wait for wwwxvideos.com you to regain your strength. It was on that second day when you became solid that we noticed the white streak www.xvideo.com in your hair." Bransen explained as he had resumed lacing up his pants. "Yes... the latest in skunk wear. Just what I didn't need. I suppose it could have been worse though. It felt right to wake up with you by my side." I said smiling at him. "Hey... help me with something?" I asked. "Sure anything!" Bransen replied. "I want to cut off some of this hair. It's too damn long and it's getting in my way. www.xvideos com Could you cut it off for me at mid back level?" I begged. "Are you sure you want to do that?" he looked at me with some doubt. "Yes... It'll still be long enough to tickle you when we're having fun, and it'll be more manageable when we're in the field. Scissors are xvideos anal in the gay xvideos top drawer in the bathroom if you wouldn't mind?" I said smiling at xvideos brasil him. A few x video minutes later he had lopped off a good 8 inches of hair and I felt better almost www xvideos instantly. A little unnecessary weight had been removed, and it looked much fuller now not being pulled taught by its own weight. I shook my head and pulled my bangs back and to xvideos xvideos the side. The white streak was definitely going to take some getting used to. I still hadn't x videos.com made up xvideos porn my mind japanese xvideos if I liked it or not. After cleaning up the hair from the floor I took another look into the mirror but stared at Bransen in the xvieos reflection wanting xvideos teen to see him more than myself. He was looking back at me through the reflection. "Breakfast then?" he asked me raising xx videos his eyebrows a little. "Sounds good to me... let's go. I'm hungrier than I thought now that you mention it. Hell I might even have a whole egg omelet for a change." I grinned at him. We arrived at the telugu xvideos cafeteria about fifteen minutes earlier than we x videos normally would have. We got our breakfast and sat at our table eating and waiting for the rest of the group. They came walking through the door looking like the morning zombies I had come to know. I gave them a wave from our table and they all seemed to push through the line in record x video.com speed waking up faster than I had ever seen. The first to reach us was Twist, and of course the first thing out www.xvideo of his mouth had to be a smart ass comment. "Heya skunk boy!" which www xvideos.com I instantly responded to by moving his chair from behind him as he fell backwards flipping his tray full of food onto himself. "Heya Graceful." I grinned back as we laughed. "Where's Neek" I asked looking around. "My guess, is he xvideos gays is running through the corridor from the lift to xxxvideo here." Dusty no sooner got out, than did xvids I see Neek dash into www.xvideo.com the doorway composing himself suddenly at seeing me. He gradually moved through the line as he finally selected his breakfast and moseyed xvideos free over to the table. Walking up to hd xvideos me he gave my chair a weak kick and a quiet "Thanks" escaped his lips. Looking over to the mess that was Twist still picking food from his shirt and dropping it to his food tray Neek muttered "Get off the floor you twit... you wwwxvideos.com xvideos gay embarrass me." and made his way to sit next to Dusty as a grin curled his lips. "I'm glad to see you're doing well." I said smiling at him. "I hear that xvideoss you and Dusty are getting along too." "No... xvideos indonesia I hear xvideos video them... and xvideos teen they're doing much more than just getting along!" blurted Twist from the floor to which we xvids all laughed as Neek's face blazed red. "Well it's good to see everyone has fully recovered and is in good spirits. You have two weeks until I test you. I hope you've been training." I announced with a deadly tone in my voice as the room halted with a deafening silence. "I will be harder xvideos jp on you x videos.com than I was on the Thorens." "And that goes for all of you!" I stood xvedio and yelled angrily across the cafeteria x vedios hearing my voice reverberate off the walls letting my eyes blaze mom xvideos to a blue white light filling with power. "You had all better be ready..." I paused looking around the room slowly watching eyes drop to their laps as I looked into their direction x video.com before sending x.videos each and every one of their trays splattering into their chests and raced my escape to the xvideos doors. The door slammed shut in front of me and a hail of food followed. Sneaky little bastards! Twenty minutes later, www.xvideos.com tired gay xvideos and caked with food I gazed at the mess around us. "Training opportunity?" I xvideos download questioned xvedio in thought to Bransen. I saw a smile cross his face and a slight nod. "I want this mess picked up completely. You are not to use your tamil xvideos hands, broom, dustpan or any other device other than your mind." I said as I could see grateful smiles beam from video x the kitchen. They did xvideos japanese get stuck cleaning up the last mess I started so I guess it was only right they didn't get stuck with clean up duty this porn xvideos time as well. I stood back up xvidos.com from where I had slipped and free xvideos fallen to the floor. "Lester." I called looking at the cook in the kitchen area. "I want a count of broken dishes when they're done and who broke them." xvideos. com "I also want you to please keep the broken dishes. xvideos free Keep them separated by who has xvideoss broken them in separate bags." I thought to him. "Ahhhh man!!!" exclaimed Twist. "This is going to wwwxvideos.com take forever! You made half the mess!" he whined. "Is that how you all feel?" I asked seeing heads nodding xvids across the room. "Okay then... fine..." I said. x-videos Raising my palms upward I drew the energy around me and sent it out to the right hand side of the room seeing each and every particle and item out of place. I felt each barrier and form within my mind and set about to mom xvideos right everything, xvidio moving tables and chairs back into place and food sailing from one half xvideos of the room through the air into the trash cans that sat every so few tables. It was like watching a cup of water filling up, but in www.xvideo.com reverse as fewer and fewer pieces of food remained until there was none and one half of the room was immaculate. I stacked the xvideos anal dishes and utensils into the cupboards, shelves, and drawers until the right half of the room looked as though no one had even set foot in it. Letting the glow leave my eyes I lowered my arms letting the energy flow back outward to its normal balance. "Okay then... I'm done. You now xvideos hentai have until noon xvido to finish. Half the job... half the xvideo gay time." I said looking directly at Twist. "Fair now?" I asked hearing xvido several mumbles from the crowd. I could tell he wanted to say something but decided against it. Bransen stood smiling as I had finished. www xvideos com "Before any of you get xvideos in the bright idea that broken dishes don't need washed... please www.xvideo keep in mind that Bransen is the x-videos one www.xvideos com that has to put those plates back together." I said xvide watching the grin fall from Bransen's face. "Hey!" He said louder than we both expected. "You did say xvideos porno it would be a good training opportunity didn't you?" I interrupted him. "And I'm sure no one here would want to have toilet duty for the rest of xvideo gay eternity for upsetting their x videos.com Captain." "Ohhhh you xvideos gay are sooo in xvideos.con trouble", Bransen sent the thought to me and smiled again. I made my way to the exit and turned, and spoke with a deadly serious tone. "By the way... I wasn't kidding about the testing. You've got two video x weeks." and folded space to my room and was gone with a flash of light. After stripping down and taking a quick shower I crawled back into my bed, which is where I wanted xvideos tamil to be since I had opened my eyes. My little display to put the fear of well... 'me' porn xvideos into them had taken more out of me than I would like to admit. I still hadn't quite recovered from my run xvideo com in with the Thorens. Showing weakness right now was not going to motivate them to train. Fear... xvideos indo fear however would motivate them quite nicely. --- xvideos hd Per suggestions from others, and a bit of work, I have re-written the entire story. www xvideos Much of it is the same and the changes were xvidos cosmetic. I have also added some more depth to beginning characters and added a few other things. The chapters are for the most part longer and I have corrected some continuity problems. I know that I have much to learn as a writer, and would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism regarding this story. Please contact me at gaywriter72yahoo with suggestions and criticisms. Thanks! Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 17:24:15 -0700 (PDT) From: Gay Writer Subject: Earth Reborn: Chapter 9 - Mood Swing The following xxvideos is a complete work xvidoes of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not xvido copy or distribute the story without the author's permission. Disclaimer: The following story contains erotic homosexual situations. If x vedios it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. Chapter 9 Mood Swing I remember waking up angry. It was just xx videos one of those things that happen once in a while, like when your mind has been busy with something in your sleep that it can't figure out. You just wake up frustrated and pissed off at the world. I xvideoss had been dreaming a memory from long ago. It had been xvideoscom a perfectly horrible day that I can remember down to the dew on each leaf and the mist that hung in the air as wwwxvideos it collected against my skin. I had woken earlier than the rest as I often did, and made my way out of the caverns. The chill in the air magnified the ache in my bones. It was one of those cool mornings that made it hard to move, but promised perfection later in the day. I had wandered out into the woods xvideos. com that surrounded the mountainside and caves that were my home. It was the one time of day that I xvideos download xvideos porno could have all to myself. It was MY free xvideos time. I didn't have to risk discovery or avoid interruption. It usually never hd xvideos lasted more than fifteen or twenty minutes, but these were precious moments to me. I had a habit of following x.videos the slightly worn paths the deer and other animals had made xvideos japanese down the slope to a nearby stream. I paused watching the sun peak over the ridge in the distance. The trees burned from the yellow orange that framed them in the mist. The suns rays had started their way xvideoscom up the sky like a hand clawing at the night. I remembered the dew as it collected on each leaf and stem making it www.xvideos.com look like acres of diamonds breathing in and out. It was spectacular. I don't know how long I had stood there in my daze when I finally startled x video back to reality and decided to make my way to the stream below. As I looked ahead of me, I saw a large Doe with her long dark brown neck stretching down to drink the cool water. I remember thinking how I might never see anything so beautiful again in my life as an arrow tore violently through her neck toppling her into the stream as she thrashed and bleated wildly to xvideos brasil her death. I just stood there staring in horror as the hunters from my community had come rushing between the trees xvideos red and proceeded to slit her neck, xvideos. com tie her legs, hang her upside down and cut the flesh from her body. I remember thinking... I should go down and stop them, but knew it was useless and the Doe was dead. I remember thinking I should be appalled and xvidos that a better person would have been so sickened they would have throw up in the grass, but we needed the meat. I turned around and free xvideos walked back to the caves. It has really been bothering me that every time I finally discover something beautiful I have xvideos.com to watch it be destroyed. I mean why in the hell is it that when I get the slightest bit of joy, does it have to be snuffed out of existence EVERY indian xvideos FUCKING TIME!? It seems we're dazzled so easily when we are young and it takes so little to destroy our worlds. We are innocent and naive in our wonders and devastations. A butterfly can grab our attention for moments on end, and a harsh xvideos .com word can xvedios crush us. We grow, we age, xvieos and we xvideoscom see more magnificent destruction. It's almost www xvideos.com as though each slash from the whip of videos x life xvideos indian numbs us against the next. I just wait to feel or witness something xvidio even more beautiful hoping my soul will respond, and then watch its execution with morbid curiosity. I have watched the happy people and I still don't know how they're doing it. I like to console myself with the thought that maybe they're just faking it. I don't know anymore. They don't seem to work harder for it or deserve it xvideos xvideos more than someone else, it just happens. Everything seems to fall into place for them as if they were entitled to it. I've had lovers that I xvideos .com have buried, lovers that I have left, and lovers that have left me. I have NEVER felt the joy of their company without the thought of what my time limit with them would be. More often than not, I'd been prone to prolonging my agony just to avoid the effort of starting over again. It's easier to take the beating you know, than the one you don't. I suppose... tamil xvideos sometimes... a soul just becomes weary. Bransen had entered my quarters. I lay still in xvideo.com porn xvideos the bed sighing to let him know xxxvideos I was awake. I felt him crawl into the bed on top the covers xxvideos pressing against me tightly as the blanket pulled against my hip. He wrapped his arm around me and I gave it a little tug not saying anything. It wasn't his fault, and I didn't want to be cruel, but right at that moment xvideos porn I really didn't want someone being nice to me. I needed to be alone to think. What I needed most was to be alone from the whole world surrounded only by xx videos eyes that couldn't speak about what they saw. I couldn't do that here and I couldn't do that with Bransen. I had spent hundreds of years alone in my own mind with only an occasional distraction. I felt crowded. "Hey... you okay?" He xvideos xvideos gave me a squeeze. I suppose he recognized the silence. Normally I would have answered with a lie. Hell yeah... everything is fucking great! I don't know xxvideo why I didn't... "No... I need your MFM, and please don't come looking for me." xvideos teen I said quietly before turning to look him in the eyes. I could see the worry there, but I didn't have it in me right now to fix his worries. "Please?" I asked him peering into his eyes. Silence surrounded me and he xvideos jp finally spoke. "Anything desi xvideos for you." I pulled him into xvideos video a deep awkward xxxvideo kiss feeling my heart double over on itself at the thought of leaving him behind. xvideos in "Thank you." Was all I was able to say as I got out xvideos mom of the bed and dressed. I pulled a satchel from the bottom of the wardrobe throwing in a few odds and ends to get me by. "I'll be back before test day." I said quietly zipping up the satchel trying desperately to pay more attention x-videos to what I was xvedio doing than his pained expressions xvideos com in my peripheral vision. "That's two weeks away!" Bransen said hopping out of bed. "What's going on? What's wrong? What did I do?" A sad laugh escaped my chest. "Nothing hun, I x video just have some things I need to sort xvideos.com out. I can take care of myself. I can always fold myself here to xvidoes safety if something xvieos happens... but right now... I just need to be alone." "It's xvideo gay only two xvideos tamil weeks." xxxvideo I said smiling at him. It was nice for a change, to feel that with his absence, two weeks would seem like an eternity as I hoisted the bag over my shoulder walking to the door. xvideos indonesia "I love you." I said with a smile walking out the xvideos mom door. "By xvidos the way... the tracking device you hid in the sole of my shoe is in your top left desk drawer." With that, I folded myself out of the complex xxvideo and deep into the jungle. I probably should have left him with his illusions of having an eye on me before I left, but I xvideos indian didn't. It seems we measure worth in how much we'd miss a thing if it were gone. I hoped that Bransen would miss me desperately. He does have a hold on my heart, and I don't know if I have the stamina to watch another beautiful thing die. I had wandered through what felt like mountains of brush following the animal made paths as often japanese xvideos as I could find them. I could hear water ahead and hoped for a clearing of some sort where I might rest. As the dull roar of water got louder I found myself walking into a plateau of sorts. There xvideos red were no trees in videos x the area, but there was so much plant life that I had to wade through the brush as xvideo.com if it was rushing water pulling against xvideos japan me. I finally made it to the river's edge where large tamil xvideos boulders xxx videos stopped at least xvideos porno some of the advancing wild life. One particular boulder nearly eight foot long had jutted up from the earth providing a decent place to rest. I climbed its lichen slick side before finding a rougher but dry flat xvidoes spot to sit. Everything xvideo seemed so alive that it practically made my skin crawl. Everywhere you looked there was telugu xvideos something crawling, slithering, or flitting through the air. I felt xxvideo mom xvideos claustrophobic and created a barrier about myself to keep out unwanted visitors... Calming a bit I looked at the landscape. It was beautiful with its flowers, www.xvideos plants and many multi colored birds that flew xvideos download from one giant mound to another. It was a spectacular panorama as I gazed at the valley that appeared almost too perfect to be by accident. Some 300 yards ahead of me were gigantic mounds of growth that peaked from the canopy of trees showing large flat stone tops. The realization struck me. This place was man made, though long before the Thorens had come to the world, and before the human's recorded history. Thinking back to when we had first arrived, xvideo I remember reviewing ancient human x vedios civilizations. This had been the site of one of many Mayan pyramids that dotted the landscape in this region. I was awestruck. Advanced human civilization had all but been reclaimed by the Earth, but these monuments still desi xvideos stood. These people had xvedios been remarkable indeed to stand strong against the passage of time. I reached out with my mind and felt precision cut stones line a road beneath the many fines and plant life that went directly ahead of me xvideos gays for nearly a mile. I reached further out to the sides feeling the four massive structures on either side of the road. The alignment of the structures, the road and xvideos hd the massive overgrown pyramid at the end of the road were in direct alignment with the sun, moon, and planets. The place felt alive with memories and I reached deeper noting much of the ruins had sunk. Feeling deeper yet I xvideos indo realized that it had not sunk so much as the ruins had been linked together. Searching further I found massive caverns and pockets that once xvideos video housed thousands. Those areas by some great miracle had been left untouched and undiscovered. I reveled xvideos japan in how magnificent xvideos indo a xxx videos people they must have been. They must have been so extremely advanced at xvideos hentai such an early stage of life on this planet. What also intrigued and perplexed me, was that every entrance into the extensive honeycomb of tunnels below, had been covered by a massive carved stone. The precision cut pieces were nearly as amazing as how they xvidios ever could have been put into place. Surely I could move such a stone with not too much effort, but www xvideos how would they x videos have xvidio performed the task? xvideos porn I didn't sense any pulley system. I www xvideos com wondered xvideo if they possessed the ability of mind to perform such a feat. I strengthened the barrier around me to help ease my way along the mile of road to the massive pyramid ahead of www xvideos.com me. The closer I came to the man made jungle covered mountain the larger it loomed. It was massive, nearly thirty meters in height. I made my way to the base where a large stone sat to either side of the roadway. Atop each was a long since weathered hunk of rock that was probably once a statue of sorts. Below the left stone xvidios was one such access way to www.xvideos the catacombs below. It was approximately ten foot wide, ten foot telugu xvideos tall and ten foot deep. It must have weighed ever eight tons. Curiosity overwhelmed me and www.xvideo I concentrated on the stone expanding its molecules until it weighed barely more than a few pounds. I slid it to the side tearing centuries of xvideos hentai vines and undergrowth as it moved. Once the seal was broken x videos a gust of air burst out of the exposed opening like a quick exhale. Stale air escaped the confines of the crypt that had been wwwxvideos sealed untold thousands of years ago. Taking the flashlight from my satchel wwwxvideos I turned it on and pointed it into the shadowed parts of the entrance that were xvideo com not lit by the sun overhead. The corridor was carved of stone and led downward in xvideos.com narrow but steep stairs. Two men xvide would barely be able to pass each other without having to turn sideways. Cobwebs lined every xxvideos possible corner making it difficult to xvideo.com see any distance. Pushing the cobwebs away with my mind I xvidos.com started my decent into the darkness led only by the beam of light from my flashlight. The air stunk of dried up long forgotten death. Every one hundred steps or so, on opposite sides an opening led into large natural caverns within the granite. xxx videos In each cavern I could see hundreds of skeletons amongst the dust and debris of rotted cloth and dirt. This place was a x.videos tomb of thousands. Stranger xvideos .com yet was that there were skeletons in every state of development. It looked as though both young and old had come here to die all at the same time. Stretching out my senses ahead of me I searched for the end of the stairway. An end existed in another fifty feet, but I couldn't determine what xvide was beyond that point. As I crept my mind along its surface I could only determine that it was massive and unidentifiable. Whatever it was though; had come alive xvideos com with the touch of my mind. I could feel it vibrate back at me as though it were xvideos japan alive. Stumbling in my daze I nearly fell before catching myself with my outstretched hands against the www.xvideos.com walls of the stairway. I felt compelled to continue as if I had no xvideos jp other option. I had xvideos japanese to keep going until I found the end of this. Moments later I reached the end of my descent facing xxxvideos a large square stone surface chiseled with writing I x video.com nearly recognized. It was Thoren writing. It was absolutely ancient and a dialect long since xvideos free dead. The Thorens had been here before when this planet had just sprouted its first civilizations. Ancient civilizations were an idle preoccupation of mine. I gay xvideos had studied video x Thoren culture intensely when I was only xvideos.con a few thousand years old. I www.xvideos com had never actually given up my study, though in the past few hundred years I seldom had time to review old thoughts. I directed the xvideos indian light against the flat carved surface. One phrase was all that was written. "One People xvideos brasil May Not Enter" I reached out to the carving to brush some dust away from the indian xvideos inscription to be sure I hadn't mistaken the symbols. As my fingertips brushed the surface, it became alive. A thin horizontal ray of white light blazed porno xvideos from it and moved against me from head to tow freezing me in place. As the light completed its pass from head to foot and then back again, the wall became an archway much like the way Cavrium did on Thoren Sphere Major did today. It seemed to merge into the surroundings to form an entrance. I was able to move again, but xvideos red the fact that only a second ago I couldn't move made me a bit leery. I walked through the archway and turned to see it sealing behind me xvideos mom as everything around me www xvideos com began to awaken. I was in a ship. A very very OLD Thoren ship. I was www.xvideos giddy with fear. Instantly I turned and sent the command for the arch to open and nothing happened. I sent the command xvidos.com again in the old tongue and an arch formed. The ship was taking its first breath, and I decided now might be a good time to move the stone in place at the surface to seal myself in to desi xvideos slow down anyone who might xvideos gay detect this miracle. I watched the light wink away as I moved the stone back into place and then commanded the arch closed behind me. I stood xxxvideos in a bay area at least the size of the entire pyramid. The air was clean. In fact, every surface was devoid of even the slightest amount of dust as though the entire area had been vacuum packed for an eternity waiting to be opened. As the bay seemed to light itself xvideos in xvideos com with activity I noticed two raised panels atop metallic pedestals that looked like some sort of communications area indian xvideos and computer access terminal. I moved in front of the access panel and noted the symbols shutting off my flashlight. I touched the face of the panel and a blue light see